People often ask why I became a photographer...It’s the memories I get from looking at a picture.


I wanted to be able to be a magician and capture that for others too! I’ve been photographing-- well-- everything I could since middle school.


My dad was my exploring buddy...roller… bike rides...and long country drives. I always wanted my camera with me to capture as much as I could. As I got older, he would patiently wait for the light to be just “right,” before making me head home. He was the storyteller of the family for sure- usually the same story over and over!


Now, we do it for him, using the images from the past to spark memories in the present and have little parts live on in the future. I still do all those things, including roller coasters and especially those long country drives with my family. Of course the camera comes along.


I have spent hundreds of hours behind the camera, editing images, and taking courses so I can share this magic with others and be a memory capturer for so many families. I cannot wait to capture the magic of the moment for your family soon!


Shel did a great job with my senior photos, she was super quick to respond and answered all of my questions. Everything went super smooth and I was impressed with the quality of the photos, I would recommend Shel to any of my friends or family!

~Jacob C.


Family Photography

Michele is a wonderful photographer and extremely easy to work with. My family and I felt comfortable with her right from the start. Very professional as well as personable. She has even helped me in a jam when I needed a head shot quickly. Michele told me what to do and then she had me send it to her to edit it for me. 

~Danielle B


Engagement Photography

Michele was awesome and very helpful setting up for proposal/engagement photos. I would definitely recommend her to a friend!!

~Keith G.


Engagement Photography

Great Experience With Michele!

~Nathalie T.

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Wedding Photography
As A Fellow Photographer I Am Very Picky When It Comes To My Own Family Portraits. Michele Was Absolutely Awesome To Work With. My Kids Took To Her, And The Family Portraits Where Different Then What I Could Have Done On My Own. She Has A Unique Perspective And Truly Enjoys What She Does. Michele Will Take The Time To Listen To What You Want And Then She Will Take It A Step Further And Go Outside The Box From The Norm. I Can't Wait To Update Our Family Portrait Again This Year!!!
~Crystal K. ​

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Images by Shel