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"Abby, will you marry me?

...Except my client was not Abby.... So here's a cute story...

Sunday May 28, 2023 was a beautiful full sun day, ready for photos in the theatre district with my clients Michaela and Alex. We all knew it was the day of the Buffalo Marathon but we were going to the other side of the city, so it would be ok, right? Wrong! And me...your always early, cause on time is late, photographer was LATE. And so were they. Thank goodness we all understood and had time!

A big thing for them was using the "special engagement" sign on Shea's Buffalo. We did a couple of test shots and got going under the sign with some kissing and dipping!

We walked around the area a bit and captured a few more fun images with classic Buffalo looks. Alex will be moving here permanently soon and Michaela is active in some Buffalo theatre.

As we are walking around, I notice there are some people gathered out front of Shea's. And I see this...

Now, Abby said yes! The family went inside and the sign!?!? Well, it was rented to say this for an hour! We were thankful we had already captured our "special engagement" pics!

Cars kept honking and yelling congratulations as we were shooting in the street. I figured they all thought Michaela was ABBY! Of course, they did LOL

We just kept shoot and had a good laugh! Then as we were talking back to our cars, a lady walked over and said, Oh goodness are you Abby??? Congrats!!! Proving the theory of all the honking!

Nope we are not Abby or with Abby! But we took a pic to capture the memory!

Michaela and Alex were so much fun throughout the whole experience and rolled with the punches very well!

We are going to have a great time capturing their wedding in August of 2024!

Congratulations to both of you... and of course Abby too!

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